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High-Quality Digital Transfer

Preserve your family memories with digital transfer by McGaughey Video Services, Inc. We offer tape-to-DVD transfer services from our facility in Ford City, Pennsylvania. We also transfer films, slides, and old photos to DVD and video.

Analog Video Tapes

Many families have extensive collections of old VHS tapes that are gradually degrading. We turn the contents of these tapes into high-quality digital videos using state-of-the-art technology. First, we place your tapes into one of our professional JVC™ or Panasonic™ industrial SVHS decks. These decks feature chroma noise reduction, chroma aperture correction, and three-line crosstalk cancellation, which combine to produce outstanding image quality.

The audio from the tape is converted to digital through A/D converters and then the digital audio is sent back to the encoder where it is compressed into a DVD-compliant digital audio AC-3 file. At the same time, the analog video signal is converted to a digital signal using Canopus™ Encoder. This encoder produces high-quality adaptive encoding with frame synchronization and adaptive recursive noise reduction for PAL and NTSC signals. The noise reduction built into the card allows us to control the amount of video noise in your analog video. We can raise the amount of noise reduction to remove the noise you may see in your video.

Analog Formats:

8mm | Hi8 | VHS | SVHS | BetaSP | BetaMax

Reel Size Chart

Flawless Encoding

Before we record your movie to DVD, we first encode the audio and video into DVD-compliant formats. The Canopus™ real-time encoder is perfect for MPEG-2 and MPEG-1 video encoding, and AC-3 Dolby™ Digital™ two-channel audio encoding. Since the encoder is real-time, we encode directly into DVD compliant MPEG-2 and AC-3 files. 

Many cheaper encoders first encode the video into one of the above formats and then convert the file to a DVD compliant file. Others don't compress the audio into an AC-3 file, leaving it as a PCM audio file, which is much larger than a digital AC-3 file. This requires you to lower the bitrate and quality of the video file to fit both the MPEG-2 video and the PCM audio onto the DVD. Our real-time encoder not only saves time, but it allows us to create higher quality DVDs. As the audio and video are sent to the computer, the Canopus™ encoder compresses the audio and video directly into DVD-compliant files.

Digital Video Tapes

Transferring audio and video from digital video tape is easy with our equipment. We output your tapes directly from our Sony™ DSR2000 professional decks through the SDI connections directly into our Canopus™ encoders. The DSR2000 DVCAM editing recorder is designed with exceptional editing capabilities, multi-format playback compatibilities, and professional high-quality images. Since these decks allow us to output SDI, we don't need to do any analog-to-digital conversions, keeping your video in its native format.

Delivery on DVD

McGaughey Video Services, Inc. has been delivering professional DVDs since 1997. We use the most trusted brands to ensure your memories are preserved in the best medium currently available. Each of our productions is covered by our compatibility guarantee. If your disc doesn't work in your DVD player, we will either replace it or refund your project cost. It's that simple.

For Resellers

Add a lucrative video transfer service to your business. We offer our services to commercial clients and hobbyists who want to provide their local communities with high-quality film and video transfer at affordable rates. Now you can offer the same ease, quality, and security that our customers have come to expect and trust from McGaughey Video Services, Inc.

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